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A recruitment procedure at Avanser Headhunting is well defined and usually follows the phases described below. Of course, in the case a client has specific needs or requirements we are flexible in adapting our standard approach into a tailor-made solution.


The executive search process at Avanser Headhunting usually starts with an in-depth analysis of the current organisational and personnel situation at the company. We only accept an assignment if both parties involved agree on an effective strategy to fulfil the current personnel needs.

We start with a profound evaluation of all relevant information. We analyse company and market data, education and experience requirements and additional objective information sources. Moreover, we also pay attention to more subjective/soft criteria which can be of crucial importance in some cases. In addition, we will arrange several interviews with key decision makers in the recruitment process.

Job Profile

After the evaluation and analysis phase, Avanser Headhunting will compose a detailed job profile. All functional requirements and necessary personal characteristics will be described in this job profile. After approval from our client, we will begin our executive search process.

Searching and Sourcing

Avanser Headhunting uses several executive search methods simultaneously. See Search-Method.

Potential Candidates

We will interview a selected group of candidates (long list) after the systematic search and source process.


After 2-4 weeks Avanser Headhunting will present at least two relevant candidates matching with the job profile, together with an elaborate description of their capabilities and personal characteristics. We will coordinate and facilitate the interview process that follows according to the client’s needs.


Three to six months after hiring a candidate we will review the entire process with both our client and the candidate.

Additional Information

Are you interested in our recruitment services or would you like to receive further information? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.