Core Values

Avanser is built on five core values: integrity, quality, transparency, up-to-date knowledge and speed.

Avanser aims to be a long-term, reliable business partner for both clients and candidates. Consequently, integrity is one of our crucial business principles. Needless to say, we are aware of and fully respect the formal code of conduct for our industry. In addition, we have respect for all of our business relations and vow to look after their interests in a professional manner.

Avanser aims to provide high-quality service during all stages of the recruitment process. In the beginning phase of the recruitment process we make sure that the job profile and job requirements are perfectly clear to all parties involved. Moreover, we make a great effort to gain a complete understanding of the company, the company’s culture and its surroundings. In addition, we invest in our professional network of finance professionals on a continuous basis; a prerequisite for long-term business success.

Avanser tries to be as transparent as possible towards both clients and candidates. Clear (prior) agreements, open communication during the process and direct/timely feedback are key components of our corporate strategy.

Up-to-date Knowledge
Avanser is primarily focused on the search for and selection of senior finance professionals, which means we possess an in-depth knowledge of all the various financial disciplines (accounting, controlling, risk management and compliance, auditing and asset management). We are a business partner to both our clients and candidates and we follow all recent developments in the finance industry.

Avanser tries to distinguish itself from its competitors in several ways. One of them is speed. We try to work faster without compromising on quality. We are a small, independent executive search boutique mainly focussed on the Dutch market. Without bureaucracy or distance, we can act instantly on new circumstances and developments. Due to our extensive network, our experience and dedication, we can usually present several suitable candidates within a couple of weeks. Many times advertising is not even necessary.